Monday, 19 December 2011


It hasn't been a long 2011 for me, in fact I only started blogging in September. But I've still decided to take part in IFB's Project #26: THE BEST OF 2011 and present to my 5 favourite posts of my own that I published in 2011.

One of my first ever posts was this footwear mini DIY project posted on 19th September. I combined the popular tough biker-esque boot with a hint of feminity in the form of crochet ribbon. I've worn these boots countless times since DIY-ing them and am often questioned and complimented on them. 


Veering away from my regular fashion Niche, on the 15th October I published a post showing small sections of my room. As stated in the post, I'm obsessed with making my room look great and this post shows my various collages and other DIY storage/decorative features. 


Again heading in a DIY direction, I sat down in my sewing room on the 27th September and put together a number of small DIY projects involving parts of broken necklaces. I used bits and bobs on purses, on scarves, on collars and even as hair accessories. 


This post published on 18th October was actually another IFB project and was chosen to be placed in the 'round up' which raked me in a lot of page views and comments. The post is based on a Superhero theme and I assigned myself to the name Supercheapo (doesn't sound very glamourous really) and produced 5 outfits suitable to the summer/autumn transition all for under £30. The post includes lots of cheap vintage and thrifted garments. 


And finally, a more recent post from 4th December, is a premiere of my 'one times four' series where I took a DIY'ed fur stole and showed you four ways to wear it. I've used the fur stole so many times in my outfits and it's so convenient for winter. 

All links are below the screen shots so please don't hesitate to check out some blog memorabilia!




Indy said...

I love that lace/boot tutorial - so cool!

Sam said...

Love your best of post!

Here is mine and it even mentions yours as one of my favourites from the IFB project.


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Hollie douglas said...

The post on what to do with broken necklaces was really cool.Especially the collars bit:)