Sunday, 4 December 2011


I think I'm turning into a bit of a series addict. Nevertheless, I present you with the first of my 'one times four' series, which is a popular theme within blog posts and videos about the online fashion community. So, as I'm always wanting to try new things, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and use my budget and DIY skills to share with you some fun, simple and most definitely cheap ideas. 

First up: a classic winter fur collar used in 4 different ways!

I'm not a massive hat fan, my head is a funny shape, plus my super-thick hair looks ridiculous poking out the end, so I much prefer to wear a headband style to keep my ears warm. The one pictured above is put together with my fur collar and a pretty broche attaching the two ends at the back. This is perfect for bad hair days, which seem to be far to regular in my case, and adding a little bit of pretty winter-ness to an outfit. 

Using a broche again, we can make a more formal looking fur collar by attaching the two ends. I find this looks much more finished and glamourous than having the ends loose. This type of collar looks great with winter jumpers, a leather jacket and can even be worn in the evening with a LBD.

Modernising the typical 'Mrs Santa' outfit, (as seen on Mean Girls, think 'Jingle Bell Rock') we have the fur collar attached to the bottom of a dress and in this case, an asymmetrical snake print dress. A clash of textures but a perfect blend of neutral colours and this fur hem looks gorgeous poking out underneath a thick jumper. The more layers, the more wearable this little accessory is.

Spreading the fur collar right to the accessories department, we have a super simple bag addition. A fur tail on a bag is definitely indulgent glamour, a la Louis Vuitton & Victoria Beckham, but a fur collar can do the job just as well. 

Again, I hope I've inspired you to make the most of everything you own which means more money for you! Keep checking back for my next 'one times four' involving a very wintery fairisle piece!



Amanda said...

Faye, I LOVE this "one times four" series, such an awesome idea! And this first one with the fur stole seriously blew me away! You did so many creative things with it - I love adding it to the hem and letting it poke out of a purse! Great great great - can't wait to see more of this!!! :)

Loretta said...

I absolutely love your blog, everything you post is so creative!x

CANDACE said...

this is so cute i love the fur !
you have beautiful eyes<3

♥, Candace from july+after
latest post: back to black

Jenny said...

you're so creative! i'm following you now :) please reciprocate if you like my posts.

Jenny x.

Y.S.S. said...

Hey Faye - what a funny coincidence! late last week, I posted a similar post titled: "How 1 Fur Stole, Stole 4 Looks" on my blog Your Style Savior offers fashion tips, money saving tricks and style advice to maximize your wardrobe at minimal cost. I hope you check it out - and keep up the creativity - nice new ways you offer to use the fur stole!

lasophia said...

What a freakin good idea! I wouldn't have the foggiest what to do with a fur stole. Thank you very much,


janandgg said...

Love it Faye, it looks fab as a headband


BABYFACE said...

This is such a cool idea! I love the headband and the fur attached to the bag, looks lovely; dead wintery :) xo

Roos R. said...

Wow, wat à fun and original post this is! xxx

Mikimoto Angel said...

The fur, I love it. To die for! You look cute in the photo where you have a fur on your head. I also love the dress. BTW, I'm a new follower. I hope you follow me back. :-)

Much love from Mystic Nymph.

Lidiya said...

The stole looks so so cute as a head accessory <3

Sophie Isobel said...

This is a cute post! I like it on the bag best :)

Katrina said...

Wow, fab four ways! You are so creative, that's what I love about you. I am an artist but I will never be as creative as you! I like the headband one xo

crayola actually said...

Great post, I love it on the bag and as a hat. You have a lovely blog :)



Anonymous said...

you're very beautiful!!

LaraRose said...

Wow! I love it, great ideas