Sunday, 18 March 2012


After a rather long delay, here comes my next installent of FASHION WEEKEND, where fellow fashion bloggers talk in detail about the shapes, colours and patterns of their weekend garments. Today you'll here from Margaux, an eccentrically-dressed blogger based at 'The Girl Who Wore Everything'. Read on to get a glimpse of her enviably stylish weekend. 

1 - It’s Friday night after a long week at work, where are you heading to unwind and what are you wearing on your feet?
On Fridays I am always doing two things: hiding in my bed while planning my weekend! My ‘lazy’ outfit is my Black Juicy Couture sweatpants- I have had them since eighth grade and they are perfectly broken in! I like to tell myself that outfit is still semi-cute. . .  even though it really isn’t. 

2 - You’ve headed to the newest club in your town and the dress code is over-the-top and as-much-glitz-as-poss, ideally, what striking dress do you choose to wear?
I am a big- HUGE- fan of leopard print. When worn correctly it definitely makes a statement. I also love maxi dresses. My ideal ‘over the top’ outfit would be a Grecian style leopard print maxi dress with gold heels and lots of gold jewellery.

3 - The morning after: the temperature’s dropped yet you have an oh-so-important shopping trip to attend to, what accessories do you throw on to keep warm, comfy but chic? 
I’ve been facing the cold-weather clothing dilemma recently since it’s already snowed here in Memphis! Today to combat the cold I’ve got on jeans, a vintage fur cardigan, leopard print ¾ length coat and Vera Wang jewel encrusted motorcycle boots. I am warm and comfy! This outfit is perfect for studying in the library OR an important shopping trip. 

4 - Drinks with the girls/boys Saturday afternoon in a trendy retro-like bar and your dressing to make an impression, what vintage themed items do you choose without looking to much like a confused time-traveller?
I would keep my outfit simple, like a little black dress, and add my grandmother’s gorgeous turquoise and gold collar necklace. People give me compliments on it every time I wear it!

5 - Saturday night ends you up at home with a partner or friend with DVD’s and nachos a-plenty. How do you stay comfy without looking like a walking bed sheet?
My hang out outfit is typically skinny jeans, wedges and a top that makes a statement. And polished makeup and hair! It really makes all the difference. 

6 - Lunch with the parents is on the agenda for Sunday and its time to tone down your sometimes arguably outrageous fashion (that lands you plenty of odd glances from the elder generation). How do you keep your style footprint on a much more subtle and parent-pleasing outfit?
Although I do typically tone it down, my parents are definitely used to my outrageous outfits. Color blocking is a great way to look trendy and agreeable to the older generation. I am obsessed with my red jeans from Zara and it looks great with a simple black top and cheetah cardigan!

Don't forget to check out Margaux's blog - here.


Sunday, 11 March 2012


Top - Republic
Shorts - Primark
Cardigan - Debenhams
Scarf - thrifted
Necklace - Primark
Tights - Primark

Cheeky outfit on a Sunday afternoon!
Look out for a few DIY projects this week and the return of FASHION WEEKEND on Friday - much love.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


photo from - FASHION TOAST

I've always been a bit of a hair-fanatic, and that obsession stretched as far as eccentric hair accessories. Forget pretty bows and girly ribbons, I'm talking chains of feathers and even putting my jewellery in my hair - despite the occasionnel odd look from a passer-by. These types of accessories are perfect for when your hair is looking as limp and lifeless (as Cheryl would tell you!) as your outfit and you need something easy and cheap to suddenly and successfully spruce things up a bit. Hence why, I've decided to share with you one of my go-to jewellery statements that isn't sitting on my neck, wrist or finger but proudly draped across my head - the hair chain.

+2x bobby pins
+2 (or more) x necklace chains (with clip fastening de-tatched)

First up, you need to remove the rounded rubber ends of the bobby-pins (show on the right pin in this picture) so as to allow to necklace chain to pass over the pin. If you have a chain with big enough links, then this step can obviously be missed out. 

Pass the amount of chains you've chosen to use over one bobby pin

Then, taking the other end of each chain, pass them over the other bobby pin, like so. Pin into place on your old head and your good to go!

The finished, subtle yet very different, hair chain!


Monday, 5 March 2012


Jumper - Wild Heart
Hotpants - New Look 
Fur Waistcoat - Topshop
Necklace - Vintage (costume jewellery)
Bracelets - DIY (leopard) & H&M (leather)
Ring - Primark

I've always had a thing for knitted jumpers, chunky, alpine-print ones especially for those freezing cold British evenings or those brightly coloured sports-esque ones perfect with shorts for spring/autumn. 

So, as spring is fast-approaching I've had my eyes open for a neutral coloured jumper - warm enough to keep off that sometimes sharp spring wind but cool enough to allow me to soak in as much sunshine as possible. 

Conveniently, on a trip to a local small boutique, Wild Heart I came across this gorgeous beige number which drapes of the shoulders and has an interesting assymetric hem - easy to wear & flattering.

I've had these hotpants for well over a year now, but I can never resist wearing them. With their brightly coloured, busy print and vintage shape they're a statement piece and are easy to dress up or down. 

Also, in case you were wondering, the unsightly purple abundance on my foot is my cast - had an operation on my toes a few weeks ago, makes dressing SO difficult and skinny jeans a big NO NO for me haha :(


Friday, 2 March 2012


Whilst browsing the internet recently, I've come across a fair amount of fashion illustrators/artists and I wanted to share with you one of my favourite's Anja Kroencke. 

Her work is beautifully abstract, but still manages to capture subtle facial and body angles perfectly and create gorgeous silhouettes and portraits. Anja's pieces vary from basic black and white line studies to much more abstract, brightly coloured-blocked, detailed scenarios. 

Anja works mainly digitally, but still experiments with different textures with some of her fashion illustrations featuring 2D versions of real fabrics. 

From her website,
"Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Anja spent the majority of her childhood drawing on walls and on any blank paper that came her way. Early influenzes were the danish and bulgarian culture in her family as well as the deep rooted history of Vienna, especially the "Wiener Werkstaette" and Egon Schiele.
After graduating from the College for Textile & Design with a degree in Fashion Design & Illustration in Vienna, Anja pursued a career in graphic design and art direction. In 1994 she moved to New York and inspired by the energy of the city she rekindled her passion for drawing. While working as a design director in an agency she started working as an illustrator. Her work was so well received that she devoted herself full time to her illustration career in 1997. She still lives and works in New York.
Anja has won numerous awards and her work has appeared in American Illustration, The Art Directors ClubAnnuals, Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, Print Magazine, Luerzer’s Archive and The Society of Publication Designers. In 2001 Communication Arts featured a 10 page cover story of her and her work."

Here's a few of my favourite pieces, taken from Anja's website.

I hope you feel as inspired as I do, to pick up my pencil and sketch away whatever comes to mind. 


Wednesday, 29 February 2012


(watch in HD for best quality please!)

Had a go at some video-ing for my OOTD having got some inspiration from IFB's article 'How Not To Be  A Blah-ger'. However the footage is limited to close-ups rather than full-length shots because I'm actually on crutches at the moment (plus a huge purple plaster on my foot - hence the lack of right foot in my 'footwear' shot) and didn't fancy hopping about the screen like some sort of demented bird. 

Let me know what you think via & if you'd like to see more video OOTD's in the future, or prefer classic still photographs.




The best of the best dressed, at the 84th Oscar's ceremony, have been made pretty clear on endless amounts of blogs and even in the glossy pages of our favourite magazines. After the excitement of the glitter and glamour has settled and the realisation that most of us will probably never be at the Oscar's, I've pinned down some of my favourite gowns and carefully extracted some simple trends you can wear yourself - minus the red carpet event.

 Jessica Chastain - Black & Gold

Jessica stepped out in a floor-length, black and gold Alexander McQueen gown. The black and gold colour scheme is undoubtedly regal and evening-wear based, but pairing a glamourous top with black jeans and simple shoes can prepare you for daytime with Jessica's outstanding dress-sense still in tow.

                                    Lace gold top - $47/£30   Black tassel pumps £22  High waisted black jeans - £20


Kate Mara - Pastel Pink

Kate Mara boasts angelic innocence in this floral embellished number by Jack Guisso Couture. Pastel Pink is a classic spring-time shade but doesn't have to be painfully girly. Linked up with contrasting brown brogues and boy-ish ankle socks and the girly over-kill is balanced out.

Pastel dress £12   Brogues £30  Ankle Socks - £24


Kristen Wiig - Ballerina-Esque

Kristen graced the carpet in layers upon layers of indulgent beige tulle fabric topped off with a flattering sweetheart, strapless neckline all put together by J. Mendel. This look can be transformed to daytime through this almost exact replica skirt and then toughened up with a studded bandeau for a punk/ballerina feel. Finish off with a loose-fitting boyfriend cardigan turning a party outfit into a daytime casual look.

Knit cardi £38   Studded bra-let £24  Tulle skirt £60


THANK YOU for reading, hopefully you've picked up a few outfit ideas and you can feel Oscar worthy when just popping out to the shops (warning: you may still look a bit over-dressed).