Friday, 2 March 2012


Whilst browsing the internet recently, I've come across a fair amount of fashion illustrators/artists and I wanted to share with you one of my favourite's Anja Kroencke. 

Her work is beautifully abstract, but still manages to capture subtle facial and body angles perfectly and create gorgeous silhouettes and portraits. Anja's pieces vary from basic black and white line studies to much more abstract, brightly coloured-blocked, detailed scenarios. 

Anja works mainly digitally, but still experiments with different textures with some of her fashion illustrations featuring 2D versions of real fabrics. 

From her website,
"Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Anja spent the majority of her childhood drawing on walls and on any blank paper that came her way. Early influenzes were the danish and bulgarian culture in her family as well as the deep rooted history of Vienna, especially the "Wiener Werkstaette" and Egon Schiele.
After graduating from the College for Textile & Design with a degree in Fashion Design & Illustration in Vienna, Anja pursued a career in graphic design and art direction. In 1994 she moved to New York and inspired by the energy of the city she rekindled her passion for drawing. While working as a design director in an agency she started working as an illustrator. Her work was so well received that she devoted herself full time to her illustration career in 1997. She still lives and works in New York.
Anja has won numerous awards and her work has appeared in American Illustration, The Art Directors ClubAnnuals, Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, Print Magazine, Luerzer’s Archive and The Society of Publication Designers. In 2001 Communication Arts featured a 10 page cover story of her and her work."

Here's a few of my favourite pieces, taken from Anja's website.

I hope you feel as inspired as I do, to pick up my pencil and sketch away whatever comes to mind. 



Lauren said...

Really love your blog, it's very unique !
New follower :)

Kirsti24 said...

Beautiful illustrations! Thanks for sharing :)

Kirsti xx

Paper Moon said...

these are great... really beautiful. xx

Laura said...

Especially love the first one, such gorgeous illustrations. Would be great for my art! x

fashion kats said...

Wonderful images!!


Marche' said...

Love these boots!!!!!

Ann said...

Ooo yes - I like her. I can see Pre Raphaelite influence here, especially Aubrey Beardsley (before he went too mad!!)

Simona said...

Amazing pictures! Let´s continue :) Btw great blog too! :)

amenfashion17 said...

These are great!!! Absolutely love it!!!
I might have to try and draw similar ones!

Lots of LOVE

Joyce said...

These illustrations are wonderful, I love them all :)

london loves said...

oh wow! These are amazing! I really feel inspired now, haven't drawn in ages...
If you live far away from London I don't know if it makes that much sense to go there because it will take a lot of time... but if you go early it should be alright.

Wiktoria. said...

wow, love it! follow on twitter? @viktoriapoland <3

Daria said...

inspiring indeed, thanks for sharing!

Daria, the Fashionsurfer

Lauren Kent said...

These are amazing!
Such a fab illustrator


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Kate said...

SO beautiful and so inspirational! I love her style of illustration!