Tuesday, 27 September 2011

DIY: what to do with broken necklaces...

It's happened to most of us: you're going about your everyday business, whilst subtly showing off a new or favourite necklace, when the first thing you here is a quiet (but painful) 'pitter-patter' of beads and then lying on the ground before you is your beloved jewellery in a jigsaw-like fashion. 

As I'm guilty-as-charged of never throwing anything away I like to keep these scraps for 'future DIY projects'. Due to typical teenage laziness these broken gems have built up in a little tin. Along with the fear of opening the tin and them falling out everywhere, I've never really known what to do with them so I haven't touched them. 

However, over the past few weeks I've been mentally collecting ideas on what to do with them, here's a few!

1. Brightening up an old purse, make-up bag or pencil case.

Pearls look great with girly pretty fabrics, rustic chains compliment neutral colours and gold and silver eccentric-looking pendants are perfect with plain fabrics. 

Here I sewed on a broken pearl necklace using white thread to match, I left the middle pearls loose.

2. Edges of scarves

Adding textures to a scarf can make it appear brand new or just add a little something so its different to everything you can buy in the shops.

I added some tiny golden leaves to the end of a triangular scarf/shawl simply using a needle and thread. Make sure to use a needle with a small eye so as it can pass through any tiny holes. 

3. Zip decoration

A chain breaks and you're left with a pretty pendant with no home (sad face), the perfect place to put them is on the end of zips. Whether on clothing, purses or bags. 

I took a rustic looking owl pendant (it's chain has literally disappeared!) and attached it to a zip of a home-made makeup bag using matching brown thread. 

4. Hair accessories

If paired with the usefulness of tiny elastic bands, mini clips and bobby pins useless necklaces can be put to work in your hair. Feathers scream boho and the golden leaves, pictured above, are subtle but VERY pretty. 

I love these types of hair accessories to wear at school: they allow you to be a little different but are discreet enough to follow those tedious school rules!

5. Collars

I love shirts, they're a definite wardrobe staple and there's so many different ways to make them stand out. Cuff links, big bold buttons, rips and tears or collar embellishment - my favourite!

Again, I've used this leaf necklace (yes it was a very long necklace aha!) to add a different texture to the otherwise rather plain shirt. I did this with a needle and thread but you could maybe try it with fabric glue.


Thanks so much for reading, sorry its such a long post but I've really enjoyed gathering ideas and trying out new DIY's!


Koe Inlow said...

THank you so much for this! I always never know what to do with my broken necklaces and earrings, thank you so much!

Sarah Stright said...

What a great post and amazing ideas! I'll definitely be thinking twice before I throw away my necklaces next time!

Olivia Rose said...

Wow, I would never think of doing anything like this. Clever girl :) The DIY collar is an awesome idea x


Arabella said...

such a great idea! :) (also, today's the last day to enter my LOVE dress giveaway, I noticed youve commented on quite a few of my posts so I thought you still might like to enter :) )

Mannequins Dream said...

this is so cool thnx for sharing! :D Xx


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Love this post! So inspiring, the last is for sure my favourite. x hivenn

Jessamyn Read said...

Brilliant ideas!xx

Rachael said...

What a great post and very inspiring, love the idea of adding them onto scarf's!

Bonnie said...

These are great ideas!! I always get really sad when I break a necklace, but these DIYs might help me see the silver lining next time it happens.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Good call! So creative.
strawberry freckleface

Victoria said...

Collar tips are so in right now, an amazing idea.

Following you,


Limasim said...

beautiful love all of them <3

Tereza said...

I love your ideas.

chelsea.jade said...

A lovely idea with the shirt collar tips! :)


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Andrea said...

I love this idea especially the embellishment on the collar. Really creative :)

Dress Code: High Fashion said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Back to Front said...

The collar tips are such a good idea!x

Ann said...

Great post Faye - some fab ideas for those bits and pieces that we always have hanging about and don't like to throw away.

Hannah Louise said...

I adore this, so creative!
Hannah x

Jax said...

These are such great, unique ideas! Love your blog, following now :)


CANDACE said...

you are brilliant! love your blog :)) just read a lot of your posts! just followed!
xx, julyandafter

2 Mates and a Blog said...

love this post!!

Danniella xxx

Chantelle Thomas said...

Such a lovely post. Love collars too so I'll defo be trying that one! :)

Style-Delights said...

Wow, great ideas!!! Following your lovely blog now! Please check out my blog at

Kim Parslow said...

Ahh so many good ideas! I always throw my old jewellery away :( but not anymore! Will definitely try and use it for things like this. Such a good idea x

Kristy Nickels said...

brilliant idea!! will be looking through all my broken jewellery (obv dont wanna throw it away) and create someting new! xx www.sugpugsunday.blogspot.com