Friday, 9 December 2011


Monday saw my not-so-educational school trip to the Clothes Show @Birmingham’s NEC, with my textiles class. Having never been before, I'd spent too much time on the official website and celebrity blogs relating to the event, in an attempt to plan the ideal trip and get as much as physically and financially possible out of the day. So after some manic early morning scrounging around the house I managed to scrape together an outfit consisting of a bright turquoise mini dress, a VERY over-sized aztec cardigan and some killer wedges (which later ended up being the WORST idea ever).
Anyway, after pulling up in our very-chic bright yellow mini bus, we braved the crazy winds and eventually got into the NEC. OH WOW eccentric prints stacked high, music blaring out from numerous directions, beautiful girls wearing equally beautiful clothes and plenty of enthusiastic sales advisors dotted about with fabuuuulous offers and miracle products. Feeling pretty overwhelmed I headed to a crazily discounted LOVE store where I spent no time waiting around to buy a stunning bottle green asymmetrical chiffon number for just £10
After my rather spontaneous but so successful first purchase, we swiftly made our way into the Suzuki Fashion Theatre where, obviously, all the magic happens. The Night at the Department Store dance/catwalk show held an unbelievable amount of painfully beautiful and enviously talented models prancing about effortlessly, some in at least 6 inch heels!

A smaller stage the 'Diet Coke Stage' ran through a wonderful cycle of clothing followed by entertainment with LUCIEN LAVINSCOUNT(!) I manage to get a few half decent pictures of a New Look collection that was shown. 

Whilst making my way past Bench, Superdry and Drop Dead Boutique I finally reached my personally designated area, the Vintage Fair's stalls! 

Embellishment was a clear popular trend amongst the array of beautifully presented stands with impeccably dressed assistants, and winter woolies were hanging in the 100s. 
Later on in the day I tried on a faultless pair of high-waisted Levi shorts and snatched them away from a willing shop-keeper for a reduced £12 - mission accomplished for the day!

Over all, it was a fabulous day but I certainly WON'T be wearing wedges or any type of heeled footwear to the Clothes Show ever again - please take my advice! Makeup bargains were a highlight of the show and magazine packages were a brilliant deal. Despite the arguably non-educational and utterly pointless trip according to the GCSE textiles specification, I've learnt that a) I'm going next year, b) I'm taking more money and c) I shall be braving wearing my ugg boots!



Thanks for reading, and HERE'S TO THE WEEKEND!



Addie said...

i love this post, i am so jealous of you- i have always wanted to go to the clothes show( i love those shorts)
i really loveyur blog and i think that you areally talented/lucky
please visit myblog@:

Stella said...

So, so jealous! Sounds like you had an amazing time! I still remember when I was supposed to be going there with my school like 2 years ago but there wasn't enough people going so they cancelled the trip, was SO gutted! x

Ann said...

What a great school trip! Didn't have them in my day (hehehe). But could have told you about the shoes - last time I was at the NEC my feet almost gave up and refused to go any further - and I was in crocs!!

Temporary:Secretary said...

I went with my textiles class in 1999 and loved it! x

Katrina said...

this denim short is a thumb-up :)

xo katrina

T.Rose said...

those shorts are lovely! x

helen said...

i went to the clothes show too and bought some pretty lovely vintage things! i went on the wednesday and it was so hectic i feel like i missed quite a lot.

just discovered your blog and just wanted to say it's really nice!

from helen @ thelovecatsINC