Thursday, 22 December 2011


Wedges are the perfect solution for me in footwear terms, they give me that neccessary boost of height and that lovely apparent lenghten of the leg without leaving me with a lack of stability and awfully swollen feet. 

Therefore upon finding this gorgeous pair of plain black wedges, conveniently the day before I was going to head off to Clothes Show, I was incredibly over-excited and began swooning like some sort of shoe-addict (which I, of course, am not!)

Anyway my new addiction to SuperGlue (sounds way worse than it actually is) led to me planning my next DIY project. 

     +plenty of small thin rustic looking studs (in this case, I've taken studs that were once on a dress)
      +and a steady hand and some patience is always useful too!

My chosen studs PLUS...

...some trusty adhesive to stick the studs to the heel of the wedge. I chose to create a line of studs along the seam between the heel and the suede of the actual shoe.

And your done, easy as that! An expensive looking pair of wedges for (as long as the original wedges you buy are cheap, mine were £10) a tiny price. Not forgetting you could get yourself a lot more wear out of a pair of shoes you feel you've 'over-worn'.



Anonymous said...

Love this! Really want to try it :) xx

Erin Elise said...

Cute idea! x

Kirsti24 said...

This is an awesome idea! I am so doing this!!

Kirsti xx

Rachael said...

Great idea!

Carla Violet said...

i totally agree on your opinion about wedges. u did such a great job with this DIY.

thanks for ur comment!


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

Hey Faye! We love your blog-- it's SUPER cute! And this DIY is so fab!

Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


Julia said...

Great idea! loved it
And great blog,
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Kisses from Brazil

MolDiva said...

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The Fashion Boss - JOYCE ♥ said...

A W E S O M E!
Followed. ♥

Lyfe said...

awesome great idea

Wida said...

What a fantastic DIY! Very lovely!

Missing Amsie Blog

Kim Parslow said...

Love this idea! I've recently ordered some studs that your can pop through shoes with a nice round back on them so they don't scratch your feet and I'm hoping to stud a pair of pumps, making them topshopesque! Haha. DIY's are the way forward, such a cheap way of updating your wardrobe x

sweet monday

Belle said...

great DIY! just found your blog and io love it - nopw following:)

Indy said...

Ooo - so cute! I have to try this!

Loretta said...

those wedges are beautiful. x

Selene said...

nice idea!
lovely shoes!

Meggy said...

That's a great idea! Wedges are always the most comfortable shoes :) <3

RICHA S said...

unbelievable!! Awesome DIY..... Do chk ma blog

Katrina said...

absolutely brilliant diy!! clever clog

xo katrina