Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Jumper - thrifted
Jeans - Primark
Fur collar - DIY
Boots - unknown
Bracelet - DIY
Brooch - vintage

SAD STORY: I spent weeks on end working like a slave in my local pub/restaurant, disregarding any social events (and sometimes even sleep!), to save for a beautiful duffle coat from Topshop. Hanging proudly on the shop rail basking in its own olive green colour and subtle fur a-plenty, it's extensive price tag was worth those long shifts and late night meals with my feet visibly throbbing. 

Once mine, I wore it everywhere: walking the dog, to and from school, to and from work and occasionally in the house, obviously when it was 'really cold'. Sometimes I'd try and hide the fact I wore it almost every day by taking the hood off, you know, just to be a little bit daring...

However, our relationship was short lived as a manic two-week slot of work experience, involving darting in and out of Costa regularly, visting far too many charity shops and trying on an excessive amount of vintage dresses led to my last sighting of my beloved coat. 

After a few almost tearful phone calls (I am joking. Honestly!) to Costa and various other shops my lack of luck led me to give up with my search. Which leads me to a question that I use far to regularly - "Where the bloomin' heck has it gone?". 

There isn't a cliche light-in-the-end-of-the-tunnel in this story, but more of a dimly lit candle and a slice of bread to keep me going while I wait for rescue. I cleverly managed to take off the hood before I lost it (I now say this was completely intentional to suggest some sort of psychic ability) which featured the pretty fur I was so besotted by originally. 

After an hour spent, that should have been spent studying, unpicking, I managed to detached this fur collar featured above. There's no denying the itchy-ness of it is close to unbearable but with my pretty lizard brooch this becomes a 'suffer-to-be-beautiful' scenario. 

Thanks for reading and happy Tuesday!


Loretta said...

aw, the little lizard is so cute!x lovely outfit.

Rachael said...

Aww shame about the coat!

Sarah Stright said...

I absolutely love this look!

musicandmollie said...

i love the little rings, so cute :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie

laura♥ said...

I love your rings and your jeans, I'm trying to find some light coloured ones everywhere but I can't :(

Roza said...

Awww, I'm sorry you lost it :(
At least you have the collar for old times sake!


Birgit said...

great jumper! lovely rings!

much love, Birgit

robin sue said...

i love your ring! and great jumper!

Mo said...

I once lost my studded leather jacket but managed to find the same one on ebay, maybe try that?! The fur still looks great though. x

Claire said...

Aww, what a shame about your coat. At least all wasn't lost and the furriness looks lovely :) I love the colour of your jumper and all your jewellery is so pretty!

Lidiya said...

So sorry about your coat, I really hope you find it! The fur looks adorable <3

Scarlett said...

I absolutely adore the fur collar, but it's such a shame about the coat! I hate losing clothes - especially my favourites - and I love the owl ring - adorable!

Anonymous said...

SUCH a sad story! I did this with a sweater once, but a COAT is so much more of an investment. AND from Topshop. Sooo sorry!

Anonymous said...

This genuinely upset me a little haha..
Sorry you lost it :( xxx

Katrina said...

The colour of your sweater is simply lush! Ohh sorry to hear about your coat, I know the feeling fosho- I was so stupid and drunk, left my beautiful leather sleeves trench coat at the club and I even went back in the next morning, no sight of them. I was well upset!! xo