Saturday, 12 November 2011


September until New year is a money-wise nightmare for me. All of my family's birthday's and my closest friend's birthday fall in these months and trying to scrape money together without a job to get presents is almost impossible. 

Whilst all my spendings are going on pressies and unnecessary food consumption on my behalf (I can NEVER resist KFC), I'm struggling to buy myself clothes and especially jewellery to keep my outfits interesting. 

As you may or may not know, I love to DIY and make things I can wear myself, so I present you my latest project - FABRIC BRACELETS.

This piece of fabric is actually the base of a bag taken out, therefore it's conveniently thick and already half sewn together. However, you can use any scraps of fabric you can find, any pattern, any material although it is quite difficult to work with thin, lacey fabrics. 

Cut yourself a wrist length (so it'll wrap around your wrist) making sure you cut as straight as possible, you can choose the thickness depending on preference. 

Using a coloured thread featured on the fabric, using a straight stitch, sew along both sides folding over as you go to avoid fraying. 

You can choose a variety of fastenings: buttons, poppers, velcro, according to how you'd like the bracelet to perform etc. I chose poppers because I find them to be the most secure. 

Once you've attached you fastening, you good to go!

Layer up with other fabric bracelets, wear on its own or mix and match with silver and gold. It's quite a statement piece, especially this leopard print one, so I like to keep the rest of my jewellery delicate and simple. 

Thanks for reading!


Ashley said...

Fun DIY ! A little accent of leopard print really spices up an outfit x

Winda Tiodang said...

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Elise said...

Such a cute idea! x

peachesandnothing said...

Who can resist KFC haha. Love the diy bracelet, I would have to sew it myself though. I just associate sewing machines with the time I sewed my sleeve to someting..x

Remi said...

Love this idea! x

Lizzie~ said...

:O, you're a sewer! So am I! (although to be honest my sewing machine is growing cobwebs) loving this post, I might try making some myself! xxx

chelsea.jade said...

Such a lovely idea :)

Katrina said...

great cheap idea! how are you so clever?! : ) xo

Anna said...

This is a great idea to recycle some old pieces of fabric I have. I could also sew them on to plain tees to create whole new outfits. Thanks for the idea!

Yasmin; said...

ah these look so cool- wish I had more time to do DIY x

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

This is cooool, digging your creativity. Thanks so much for listing me as one of your daily reads x

Ann said...

Excellent - I'm expecting a handmade Chrissy present from the Hudson house this year!!

natasha said...

I see you like to sew things, this wrist band came out great also the leather ring you made for your finger, are you trying to be a designer? You would be good at it

thx for the comment