Sunday, 20 November 2011


Top - H&M
Necklace attached to top - Claire's
Harem trousers - Zara
Boots - mum's(!)

Growing up, from the age of about 3, I spent my time on a livery yard of horses wearing a variety of brightly coloured jodhpurs, clashing coloured fleeces and not forgetting the all important jodhpur boots.

As I got older and school took it's time-consuming toll on me I ditched the horses and the collection of odd outfits that came with them. 

However recently, the appearance of these 'Chelsea boots' (leather boots with the traditional elastic side detail) within the fashion community and couldn't help myself from getting excited by the fact that I spent my childhood wandering about in these pretty little booties. 

After a manic search throughout my house I found myself a gorgeous pair of slightly heeled chelsea boots and squeezed my overgrown feet into them.  

I think the massive £80 plus I've saved on buying a brand new pair, is worth the future hundreds of blisters my feet will have to experience!


peachesandnothing said...

They're lovely you're so lucky to have such a nice old pair x

janandgg said...

Like the use of the word 'found' Faye!!! Shame they are too small as they look good on you X

Pip said...

They look beautiful! I love the harem pants as well. It's good you managed to find an old pair, they're really expensive at the moment!

Pip x

AmyBell said...

Ahh those boots are amazing! I love the necklace attatched to the top as well xx

Kumiko Mae said...


samecookiesdifferent said...

in love with your chelsea coots <3
X the cookies

Anonymous said...

cute outfit, I really like the pants!

Sam said...

I am loving your pants!! They are awesome.