Saturday, 26 November 2011


Jumper - New Look
Shorts - Primark
Coat - Primark
Scarf - gift
Stud earring - Topshop

I've never had the lobes of my ears pierced and a lot of people find this quite bizarre, especially girls my age. It must have been a 90's kid trend to get your ears pierced as close to the age of 4 or 5 as possible, as almost every week throughout my primary school years another girl would parade into the classroom with a sparkly pair of jewels on either side of her face. 

Then it got to the point when boys took to having one ear pierced - most definitely the left ear for some reason(!) - and retail got experimental and competitive with a vast array of glistening, oversized and brightly coloured earrings appearing in shop windows. 

I however, was always too wimpy and probably too lazy to go out to 'Claire's' and go through the pain, although now I realise it's not as torturous as I once thought - to get an arguably pointless piercing. Occasionally, you'd catch me with stick on star-shaped 'earrings' and clip-on's were always a lot of fun but  only last year did I get my first piercing.

I'd always feared my ears stuck out too much to get earrings or that they simply wouldn't suit me, so I opted for the slightly different and debatably more subtle upper-ear cartilage piercing. Undoubtedly more painful, but in my opinion fairly interesting without being too 'out-there'

I managed to bag myself a set of ten 'mix and match' studs from Topshop for £3.50 (absolutely bargain) so I've been trying out different sizes and seeing what I can and can't pull off, so keep a look at for some possibly odd ear wear!


essie said...

i still haven't got my ears pierced! xx

rhiannonvic said...

Very cute outfit! Love your piercing, looks great. The earings from topshop sounds like a pretty good idea! xx

laura♥ said...

your piercing looks great <3

Loretta said...

the little star earring is so cute!x

Sugar and Silk said...

I have that coat too and I absolutely love it! The set of 10 studs deal sounds amazeballs!

peachesandnothing said...

I never wear earrings anymore, I have 3 piercings in each ear, two i each lobe then one in each cartilage, would not be supprised if they have closed up. I like your earring and shorts x

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Those shorts are fabulous! I love the colour. You ear piercing is very unique! I only have one friend who hasn't got her ears pierced. Kudos to you, darling!

Ann said...

Eeek Faye you are brave!!! Don't show me or I might faint! Does look classy though.

PS - love the coat

Sara said...

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