Saturday, 25 February 2012


 Fashion stripped down to it's beautiful foundations. Pages after pages of impeccably put-together outfits, covering even the hardest-to-dress-for occasions, against a clean and crisp white background, start to make this life-long challenge of 'What-the-hell-am-I-going-to-wear-today?' a little bit easier.

Lauren begins with the cliche but truthful origins of her partnership with fashion, she describes scenes at her Grandma's house where she was found far to often covered in lipstick, drowned in way-too-big vintage dresses and costume jewelry piled onto every inch of her neck and arms she could find. Lauren's introduction to her intense filming life and the necessity of a constant stream of different outfits sets us up for the rest of her book; which talks about budgets, customization and building a wardrobe that works for you.

The 'key-pieces' section, which is found conveniently at the start of the book,  is the start of showing Lauren's simple but enviously effective method of dressing up. Following after the real basics-of-the-basics are covered, Lauren starts tackling tricky trends such as sheer fabrics, 70's flares and maxi dresses which are then all beautifully displayed against that winning, and not forgetting 'accidentally' very promotional white background. (I have my doubts. I want to buy EVERYTHING shown in this bloody book!)

Flipping through the motivational chapter names (‘mastering your wardrobe’ led me to envision a deleted ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts’ scene from Harry Potter), we begin to battle mixing patterns, wearing vintage, tailoring and almost pin-down some of our body issues, all with Lauren stuck by our side with her coveted blonde waves and impossibly perfect winged-liner still intact.

In all seriousness though, STYLE  takes off that thick, mysterious mask fashion styling seems to mischievously hide behind on the internet and glamourized magazines and dishes out the facts to make getting up in the morning and trying to find something respectable a much less daunting task. Lauren sets out the basic 'what-goes-with-what' and 'how-to-make-that-look-good' guidance without hammering the 'no-no's' and 'what's hot' into our brains leaving us with so little self-styling confidence that we'd much rather go out in our pink dressing gown than even try and look decent in that big bad fashion world.

Fancy it? Get it here for around £7.00.


p.s. check out the backstage video, actually a pretty nice video.


rhiannonvic said...

I love Lauren Conrad, defo might have to add this book to my must read list, sounds really great and not a bad price either! :) xx

Natasha Foster said...

yet another book i have yet to get, I've always liked Lauren and her classy elegant style. I liked how you presented the post too.