Tuesday, 14 February 2012

DIY: make your own music video

Something a little bit out of place on my blog, but none the less fits in with my proud display of DIY projects. Although this isn't technically a tutorial, I wanted to share with you something me and a close friend put together for her first single 'Names'. 

We spent the day wandering about our pretty rural town (her dressed in a tiny 20's sequin number) putting together this montage-style music video for the up and coming release of her album 'Firsts'.

I'd love it if you could check the video out, the song is absolutely beautiful too. This means a lot to her so I'm trying to share it as much as possible.


On another note, yes, I'm sorry posting is extremely sparse still, I've just finished performing as Nancy in Oliver Twist the musical and I'm going into hospital tomorrow for minor surgery and will be ending up on crutches for six weeks. Fingers crossed that I can still manage to look good with a giant plaster on my leg haha!



Leigh Painter said...

What a beautiful sing, it really moved me!!

Style-Delights said...

Lovely video and music! Good luck to your friend!

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Shabna said...

Lovely video and song! Your blog is such a gem <3

Good luck with the surgery!

shabna x x

Natasha Foster said...

i like the video , how did you make it have the retro kind of look? and the shots are well put together , great job and such a nice song