Sunday, 26 February 2012


A grubby, significantly overweight biker sat outside a Little Chef on the M6, or a gorgeous off-duty model sipping politely on her low-calorie Starbucks. Tattoo’s have changed a lot over the past 30 years, the people that have them even more so. With the amount of people opting for the clever designs increasing and the average age of tattoo-fanatics getting incredibly low the pressure to jump into the chair is growing. But, if you don’t quite fancy the needle and like me, your constantly in need of change and can’t stand being stuck in a rut then the emerging population of false tattoo’s is right up your street.

And no, I don’t mean those tattoos you got free with bubblegum with cringey slogans such as ‘LOL’, ‘COOL and ‘BFF’ to name a few, or maybe you preferred those tacky tribal inspired tattoos that after a few days left a mark that pretty much resembled plain dirt. I mean that, after a few small businesses bringing back the tattoo’s, complete with some of the most popular permanent tattoo designs, clothing shops have taken it upon them to spread the guilty-pleasure/convenience of fakin’ it

Taking inspiration from a fair few celebrities in the British spotlight, has a large stock of popular designs. These designs are becoming prettier and prettier and the ideas for locations for tattoos offers subtlety and class - something that seems impossible when looking at those all-in-leather, mohican-wearing bikers. What's even better is that are offering free worldwide delivery throughout February.

Check out some of my favourites.
"viva la vida"





BABYFACE said...

these actually look really realistic! Really subtle aswell. I agree with the need to change, it would scare me having something on my body for the rest of my life! lovely blog :) xo

Rachael said...

I've seen this website around a few times on blogs and as an ink'd girl myself they look pretty cool. For my personally they'd never get rid of the thrill of actually getting ink'd and designing a real tattoo but I can see them working as perhaps a way to experiment with ideas and designs and body placement.

rhiannonvic said...

I really like the idea of these! You can try out having a tattoo before you actually get one just to make sure you like it. They look really realistic and lovely as well xx

musicandmollie said...

Oh my gosh, i literally haven't taken the jumper off since i got it haha. I agree that some tattoos just look tacky and you can tell that they're going to regret it when they're older. If i were to get an inking then it would have to mean something. You have a lovely way of writing by the way :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie

Blaming Beauty said...

Ah I can't wait until I can get a tattoo, so scared of the pain though so temporary tattoos are a great alternative!xx

Style Societe said...

i love these! i should give my mom a scare!! haha

Paper Moon said...

these are stunning! really like this post. i get bored easily and a design i pick at a certain point in my life just wont do later on.


K said...

I love these!!! So cool when tatos are in unexpected places! loving both the scull on the hand one and the anchor that shows through the arm of the tank top :)

love K

Monja said...

1: viva la vida <3

amenfashion17 said...

Such a good idea!

Lauren said...

Wow, I didn't even realize you could do something like that. Great blog post, always been really apprehensive about getting a really tattoo. Great idea !