Wednesday, 7 March 2012


photo from - FASHION TOAST

I've always been a bit of a hair-fanatic, and that obsession stretched as far as eccentric hair accessories. Forget pretty bows and girly ribbons, I'm talking chains of feathers and even putting my jewellery in my hair - despite the occasionnel odd look from a passer-by. These types of accessories are perfect for when your hair is looking as limp and lifeless (as Cheryl would tell you!) as your outfit and you need something easy and cheap to suddenly and successfully spruce things up a bit. Hence why, I've decided to share with you one of my go-to jewellery statements that isn't sitting on my neck, wrist or finger but proudly draped across my head - the hair chain.

+2x bobby pins
+2 (or more) x necklace chains (with clip fastening de-tatched)

First up, you need to remove the rounded rubber ends of the bobby-pins (show on the right pin in this picture) so as to allow to necklace chain to pass over the pin. If you have a chain with big enough links, then this step can obviously be missed out. 

Pass the amount of chains you've chosen to use over one bobby pin

Then, taking the other end of each chain, pass them over the other bobby pin, like so. Pin into place on your old head and your good to go!

The finished, subtle yet very different, hair chain!



BABYFACE said...

amazing! first saw one of these on Kim Kardashian and it looked lovely over a high pony tail :) I'm totally gonna have a go at this, thankyou! :) xo

Marche' said...

Cute!! This is a great idea. I will defiantly try..

Amy Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing! Such a fab idea, will definitely be making one! Amazing blog, now following, hope you follow back :-)
much love

francesca romana capizzi said...

Wow what a great DIY! I love the idea!
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Silvia said...

Love this DIY!!! If you want visit my blog this is the link!!

Emma said...

Love this, such a cute idea.

Sophie Isobel said...

Fab idea! I was thinking about buying one of these but I think I'll give this a go. Thanks for sharing :) x

Shara said...

love it great;)

La Folie 

Bespoke Biddie said...

This is such a lovely idea dear i have to try it!


Joyce said...

This is such a cool diy, it looks really cool :)

MariaSelf said...

Beautiful idea! Thank you for sharing, it's very stylish.

Jesa said...


Ellen Atlanta said...

Your hair is so gorgeous!!! This is a great idea <3

I'm following!

Ellen xx

Lydia said...

this is such a cool idea! definitely going to try it :) x

Kirsti24 said...

Such a great idea! Definitely going to do this! :)

Kirsti xx

Erika Fox said...

Awh what a great idea, I love this !
Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog :)
Im following yours now too.


Lea said...

I really love this, I might give it a go with a few tiny gold chains layered through my long fringe.

Lea x - - take a look at my blog if you like? x

Amy-Rose said...

thankyou this is such a good way! Regret ever buying one x

nikol said...

its so easy!! who knew.
love your blog, instant follow

Hannah Louise said...

These look really great :)

Hannah x

Angharad Jones said...

Love this, great idea!