Sunday, 1 January 2012


Fur hat - DIY
Leather jacket - H&M
Shirt - Dad's (brande - 'maine')
Jeans - Pepe Jeans
Shoes - Factory Shop/DIY

The temperature has suddenly burst back up again, making my already near-impossible clothing battle with the British winter weather even more difficult. 

When in doubt of what to wear and after I've spent ridiculous amounts of time staring blankly into my wardrobe,  I usually head to my parents room to see if I can find some old hidden treasures.

Today led to success in the form of a checked shirt in a pale green hue borrowed from my dad. Paired with a new pair of Pepe jeans (in a ridiculously small size) and my cropped leather jacket I was pretty set for the day. Because of the detailed buttoned-front and daring print I left the outfit without jewellery and instead included a tiny bit of gold in my wedges. 



rhiannonvic said...

Love the outfit and that fur hat is amazing! xx

Anonymous said...

great outfit! i love the shirt.

Loretta said...

love your hat and wedges, gorgeous! and happy new year lovely.

Kathryn said...

love this outfit! x

Tanii said...

This amazing hat is diy? How did you made it?! happy new year :D

Heroine Chic said...

Love that jacket, and I agree, that hat is DIY?! Look at you:) So cute!

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

that's a great shirt!

crayola actually said...

Great outfit, that's a great shirt! I can't believe you found it in your dads closet haha.