Friday, 13 January 2012


It's a Friday night and therefore the start of a Fashion Weekend, bursting with dangerous stiletto's and ever-growing oversized clutches. From slobbing out to full-on clubbing I talk to Mariella Agapiou from notes on allure about the fashion ride of her weekend.
1 - It’s Friday night after a long week at work, where are you heading to unwind and what are you wearing on your feet? 
I’m heading to either my local pub or a friend’s house. Everyone dresses extremely casual, and so do I except for the 6 inch platforms from either Kurt Geiger or TOPSHOP on my feet. 

2 - You’ve headed to the newest club in your town and the dress code is over-the-top and as-much-glitz-as-poss, ideally, what striking dress do you choose to wear?
If I had the cash, I would be wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim or McQueen number. 

3 - The morning after: the temperature’s dropped yet you have an oh-so-important shopping trip to attend to, what accessories do you throw on to keep warm, comfy but chic?
3.1 Phillip Lim
I love my leather fingerless gloves (not that practical when it comes to warmth) and the biggest, woolliest scarf I can find. But my favourite accessory has to be the hat, I own so many in all different styles and colours, but I always return to my favourite – an oversized beanie!  

4 - Drinks with the girls/boys Saturday afternoon in a trendy retro-like bar and your dressing to make an impression, what vintage themed items do you choose without looking to much like a confused time-traveller?
I have a vintage dress that was my mother’s in the 80’s – it’s very short with a tie over the boobs. I rock it up with some grungy high ankle boots and an oversized cardigan to dress it down.
5 - Saturday night ends you up at home with a partner or friend with DVD’s and nachos a-plenty. How do you stay comfy without looking like a walking bed sheet?
I usually just wear my victoria secrets track pants and a tee, but if I’m trying to impress while staying at home, I’ll wear my snakeskin leggings and a cape t-shirt.

6 - Lunch with the parents is on the agenda for Sunday and its time to tone down your sometimes arguably outrageous fashion (that lands you plenty of odd glances from the elder generation). How do you keep your style footprint on a much more subtle and parent-pleasing outfit?
The maxi skirt is a favourite for such an occasion. I’ll pair it with a knitted jumper to cover-up, but you won’t see my without my heels

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Mikimoto Angel said...

That red stilettos and sequined dress are just so beautiful. Eye candies indeed! I hope to see you in my blog. :-)

Much love from Mystic Nymph.

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Such beautiful dresses! x hivennn