Wednesday, 14 September 2011



This odd half-top appeared in my bedroom after the usual 'I-found-loads-of-your-rubbish-everywhere-Faye!' lecture from my mum. It's made from a gorgeous stretchy jersey fabric and I could smell a pretty bandeau top as soon as I looked at it. (don't ask where the other half is, I'm clueless)

I didn't cut the sleeves off completely for two reasons: one being that that would create a vest shape and I didn't want a vest and two, you'll find out later... I was aiming to cut the top into a simple rectangular shape as thats what I'd need for the basis of a bandeau. 

I cut the polo-neck off (never been a huge fan anyway) and then I had a nice stripey bandeau shape. After pinning and eventually sewing down one side of the bandeau I twisted the fabric to form a bow-like shape. Sewing down the other side so that the seam is facing outwards and the stitching is on the inside can prove a little tricky, but enough thought and practice about it should give you a good result. 

 EXHIBIT B (also featured on my new winter, spring, summer, autumn banner) 

Pair up with a strapless bra (or not if you're that lucky) and layer up! I'm aware its not really the time of year for bandeaus, but they're useful especially if your Australian and just approaching Spring!

Now, this is why I left some of the sleeve on to get this clashing stripe pattern under each arm, just something different from bandeaus in the shops. 

Pretty twist!

Thanks for reading, why not grab an old stretchy top and bandeau-ify it!



Loretta said...

this is such a neat post. I am in need of a new bandeau so I`ll probably give this a go!

thank you for your comment on my blog, and I actually don`t think they sell Joe Fresh products in the UK! D:

Lischen said...

Such a great idea!!
I would love for you to check out my blog & follow me if you'd like! xxx

london loves said...

Well done! I'd say they are pretty high... 4 or 5 inch?

London Last Night

rhiannonvic said...

This looks so great! xx

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

nice items, love your style gorgeous! :D

sending kisses from

Birgit said...

wow, gonna try it myself:) thank you


Ok! this I needed! Thank you! I tried doing this thing all summer with a scarf, but it ended being too bulky so I gave up. Txs for a valuable DIY project and post!

heteroheroine said...

I literally LOVE this! Gonna have to make myself one of these!
Thanks for sharing :)
xoxo leah

Shara said...

love this diy sweety:)wanna follow each other?let me know kisses:)La Folie 

Metisse said...

It came out in an awesome way! i love it, would be great with some skinny jeans and a cami too.

Liberty Walk Sara said...

Beautiful! :)) Nice blog! :)

Kirsten said...

Wow, that's a great idea.. And it looks very good! Love it :)

Katsuumi said...

Good job! :) I like your blog. If you want, we can follow each other! ;)

Katsuumi said...

I follow you too Dear :*

Hannah Louise said...

This is such a cool idea, definitely want to try it out <3
Hannah x

Plami said...

Simple and pretty! Great idea!

Check out my giveaway!


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