Sunday, 18 September 2011


Yesterday (Saturday) I bus'ed to my closest shopping town with a friend on a mission for school bits and bobs. You know, the necessary post it notes, 100's of pretty pink pens, more notebooks to go unfilled (lazy!) and an all important bag that's big enough to carry around all your junk. 

However, I only managed to get a notebook and a pack of pens as other things were on my mind. Two words - VINTAGE MARKET. I'm obsessed.



H&M £12.99

This is one of my favourite colours at the moment - dusty pink. I've loved pink since I was tiny and my room once had pink EVERYTHING (television, bed and telephone included), but I rarely wear pink clothes. This jumper is slightly cropped and sosososo soft!

Vintage Market (handmade) - £7

I've been eyeing this jumper up for weeks and was praying on colder weather so I had an excuse to wear it. The temperature dipped slightly (I wore a pair of gloves last night!) so I manically brought this bargain. It has gorgeous a gorgeous rainbow pattern, which my mum said was probably done on a knitting machine, and long sleeves which bunch up - they remind me of the sleeves on baseball jackets.

H&M £3.99

I looooove these bracelets - everything about them! The colours, the material (leather-ish) and of course the cute little press studs.

I also brought some 'fat quarters' at a local textile shop. I love both of these especially the top one. I'm planning on making a new makeup bag and an ipod/camera/phone case - look out for these posts!

Sorry about my lack of blogging since Wednesday(!) but I've got a lot of things planned for this week.

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate every single view and every single comment!


Ann said...

What!!! Where's that market??? I'm coming to visit soon! Love those FQs! Featuring you on my blog today but there seems to be something wrong with blogger - keeps losing my posts! Hope I haven't got a virus......

Faye H said...

It's in Shrewsbury, only recently discovered it - amazing!
Blogger's been funny with me today, slow loading, 'page not found' etc!

janandgg said...

Finally you let me look at your blog! Faye, this is fantastic - I know I am a techno-phobe but I am really impressed and will be following you regularly now!

Arabella said...

love it :D

london loves said...

Lovely jumpers!

London Last Night

Vicki said...

Wow, fabulous blog Faye, I love vintage. Shall keep popping back for a look ;)


Katrina said...

Liking the jumpers! I need to buy some too! X

Between Nous said...

I love vintage markets!!And the sweater you got there is really nice :)

mimi said...

i really like your style!
you got a new follower! :)