Sunday, 29 January 2012


A big party's coming up and you've got nothing to wear, any normal person would just dart off to the shops and grab something from Toppers and dig out their favourite heels, but no - I spent my Thursday night clumsily putting together a sequin crop top, working on it til at least 12am (with 5 hours of lessons the next day - yay) 

Anyway, the method I used turned out pretty well with a few sizing and fastening tweaks so I thought I'd share with you what I did.


You'll be needing:
+sequin fabric (in my case I used an old sequin top)
+a small zip (approximately the length of your chest to belly button)
+a sewing machine (or if you're fab at hand-sewing that'll do)
+and some newspaper or tracing paper


To make my pattern, I used an Elizabethan corset pattern found here: the link provides you with a generator which step-by-step shows you how to draw out your corset pattern with the correct measurements according to your body shape. 

One adjustment I made to the pattern was changing the diagonal joining between point D and B (step 9 of tutorial) to a straight line (therefore extending point D by a few inches). This was so I could use a zip fastening rather than a complicated corset style fastening. 

Placing my newspaper cut (green points) pattern onto my goooorgeous floral sequin fabric with my colour co-ordinating pins!

Pattern cut out, turned at the edges and then hemmed ready for zip-age.

Zip in place and paired up with its perfect mate - some vintage Levi's.

Thank you for reading & I would absolutely love to hear about any similar projects you've carried out yourself.



rhiannonvic said...

Wow, this looks amazing! Such a good idea! Looks lovely with the levis too! xx

janandgg said...

It turned out really well and looked fab - well done you!! Nice to see you blogging again x

Jasmine-Alexa said...

Such a fab idea! I need to do more D.I.Y things! xx

CheckMyFashion said...

The sequin top is still hot! Looks great on you



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Anonymous said...

So cute i have to make like 10,000 of those <3

Anonymous said...

So fab I love it im going to make a crop top and a tank to match