Monday, 12 December 2011


The FASHION INDUSTRY: 'where dreams come true'. Those glamorous, well-renowned buildings buzzing from the thousands of impeccably-styled (not forgetting their incomparable quirk) men's and women's creative thoughts bouncing off every wall  . Flawlessly designed interiors decorated with racks upon racks of 'it' bags, shoes, jackets, dresses adding up to indescribable millions of pounds - and this is where some of us have the pleasure to WORK?

However these materialistic and often film influenced visions are bashed and bruised by the slightly harsh but realistic reality. Like with every job, stripped-down basic hard work is heavily involved and this is certainly a major factor of working in fashion. 24/7 hours may as well be written on the job description as well as 'make the impossible possible'. Often when aspiring fashionista's speak to those greying careers interviewers their once-thought fantastic dreams are argued against with a more 'suitable' career of a plumber or electrician, yet we often forget that if you work for something hard enough then it's possible you'll get it - which is what this book, THE TEEN VOGUE HANDBOOK, represents to me...

Brought on by a spontaneous amazon shopping trip, this book was my fashion bible throughout a rather over-extended summer. Family barbecues in the garden often left me out of conversation whilst completed drowned in this basic-guide meet compilation-of-inspiring-short-stories. The Teen Vogue Handbook is an honest, fully informative and imaginative insight to the REAL fashion industry and the work of creative people who's paths have crossed with Vogue or Teen Vogue.                                                    
Stripped down, the handbook contains  6 of the most desired creative job choices: designers, editiors, stylists, models, beauty and photography with each section beginning with a supposed commonly asked question usually asking the typical HOW(?) question regarding each career choice.                After a collection of beginning to end/present stories from some of the most well-known or maybe even striking up and coming individuals, all containing outstanding visuals, a fun feature the 'tool kit' appears: a double page spread of the basic or perhaps the more unexpected 'tools' Teen Vogue recommend you'll be needing to get a head start into your dream job.


To perhaps spark your interest a little more,
a personal in-depth interview with Amy Astler, the founding editor of Teen Vogue. The envied career-winner speaks about how writing a letter to a fan on behalf of House & Garden's editor in chief led to a gradual tide of assignments and small writing jobs eventually bagging her the top-of-the-top role she has secured herself today.                     

Another feature worth noting is the feature on the well-adored Chanel Iman, which includes a fun day-in-the-life snippet, alongside a carefully selected assortment of Iman's best shots. Or if that's not enough genuine insider information, an interview with the arguable GOD of fashion Karl Lagerfeld, where he gives an honest but insightful description of who HE would want to work with - aiming high but its good to go out with the right head set for The Lagerfeld.
After having a sudden motivational and ambitious buzz from reading endless success stories, which can only continue on such an exciting journey, the book ends with a simple fact and figure focused 'design schools' section which uses symbols to judge it's suitability to you and your education aims. The schools are all located in the USA, but if learning abroad is your ambition Brit's then this is literally perfect for you!
The Teen Vogue Handbook has been a genuine motivation for me to do what I want to do despite my teacher's best efforts to set me off onto a more 'average joe' career path, and it's partially what made me start this blog. Making the most out of the smallest of projects you are offered gets you a long way and working right from the bottom is essential but also can still be an amazing experience when it comes to working in fashion.

If you wish to (and I honestly highly recommend you do) buy a copy for yourself they're available here @ Amazon at a ridiculously good price!



Kirsti24 said...

Ahh I bought this a few weeks ago! Can't wait to read it once uni is over with :)

Kirsti xx

Email List Broker said...

Congrats !! happy fashion vogue.

crayola actually said...

Wow, I never thought too much of this book until now. I've gotten into style books recently and this one seems great. I love the fact they have short stories for inspiration as well. I definitely need to check this out, thank you!



natasha said...

You are awesome for this post because I always wanted a TeEn Vogue handbook, but never got around to getting one.Your review on it has inspired me. Also I completely understand what you mean by "average career" my mom wanted me to be a nurse.. but I chose graphic design. Continue to follow your dream girl.. exactly what my blog is all about. kudos to you
by the way I'm goig to be blog this and shout you out..its just that awesome :)

Tanii said...

Oh, how much does it cost? I was thinking about buying it but I'm not sure at all. :)