Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I'm beginning to favour those more chunky fabric bracelets with included aztec prints, buckles, buttons and embellishment, to the more dainty chained bracelets I previously wore. So combining this and literally stumbling across a random piece of faux leather fabric, I've made myself a rather subtle but still completely different to anything I've recently seen (correct me if I'm wrong) leather ring.

To make yourself one, you won't be needing much, however: some faux leather fabric (or any thick, non fraying fabric) and a stud/button or gem of your choice are essential. As long as said embellishment can be pinned or stuck onto your chosen fabric your good to go. Have a needle and thread handy too!

Cut yourself a fairly thin strip of faux leather, making sure its the length of the circumference of your finger with a little bit extra just incase. I chose to measure my thumb instead - I'm a massive thumb ring fan!

Using a small needle and thread in a matching colour, sew a joining connecting the two ends of the strip to form the ring shape. Trim any long threads as much as possible while still keeping the fastening secure. Finally, add your stud/gem of choice!

Et voila, a quirky, biker-esque leather ring!



Loretta said...

I love your diys!


peachesandnothing said...

I really like that x

CINDY NGO said...

what a great accidental discovery. :)

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cindy - design3rd

Anonymous said...

love it! not sure I could pull this off though :P

jemmalouise said...

oohh this is pretty cool girlie!