Wednesday, 7 September 2011


For the past few months I've been collecting and refurbishing bits of furniture, ornaments, storage thingy-mabobs and sewing materials to put together a sewing room.

I say sewing room but its more of a corner, which very much so needed filling, in my house. 

I brought my actual sewing machine today so its now officially a 'sewing room' rather than an odd corner with an abundance of random-ity shoved in it. 

The white table I brought from an antique store but the stool and chest of drawers I re-furbished myself. I sanded them down and painted them an off-white colour. On the chest of drawers I added some Cath Kidston-esque handles and a similar style cushion cover to the stool as well.

Given the stool is an antique its not particularly comfortable - at all if I'm honest! I think it'll probably be necessary to buy padding of some sort.

Oooh, I also made the sewing machine cover tonight, which I really like how it turned out, from some taffeta material, yayy. 

Oh excuse my rambling, but if you look closely in the top picture you can see my DIY thread-holder-ma-bob made from cardboard and cocktail sticks!

Thanks for reading lovelyyy's :)


Loretta said...

aw, thats cute how you have a sewing room. It looks lovely. xx

head over heels said...

so cute, love the sewing machine cover :) hope to see lots of diy's now! x

Birgit said...

so cute!
by the way, i love your macbook!

Elise said...

These look really cute! x