Monday, 12 September 2011


WOW mental.crazy.hectic.rollarcoaster. but fabbbbby past few days! 

So Saturday was my sixteenth birthday and a garden/house party was well on its way that evening. After a few tiresome hours of putting up a marquee and thousands of balloons everything was ready. 

I can't really put the night into words but I had the best time ever and had such a laugh with all my friends and met some new people (yes randoms at my party aha), but unfortunately the party led to a dramatic split with my boyfriend :| 

Anyway, I had an amazing birthday besides that and here's a few bits and bobs I got that you might be interested in...

From the toppppp.

A gorgeous gorgeous Cath Kidston sewing manual/book brought for me by one of my closest. Its got over 40 'cutesy' projects complete with templates. So excited to work my way through this. Some Cath Kidston fabric purchasing is in order! (I can already hear my purse weeping)

Then we have two elephant necklaces (my friends know me well - I'M OBSESSED) and some soap and glory goodies, which are always necessary. 

Then thirdly we have some handmade bits and bobs from my Aunty from She runs a crafty-sewing blog and always hand makes me beautiful birthday and Christmas presents. She has a folksy (British Etsy) shop too -  These useful mini-bags will soon be full of ribbons and jewels and sitting on my sewing table - proudly. 

And finally, last but most definitely not least my two amazing friends pitched together and brought me this STUNNING fur coat for my birthday. I've worn it solidly for two days, excluding sleep of course (although that wouldn't be a bad idea!).


Today, I had my first day of work experience at my local newspaper The Shropshire Star. I totally wasn't expecting it but I'm working on two articles for a smaller 'sister' newspaper, about a local vintage clothing shop and the local musical theatre. 

And to my absolute inexplainable shock, which I'm still experiencing, I interviewed JOE MCCELDERY(?!?!?!) on the phone for an article. I couldn't believe it. Not many people may know who he is, especially non-British readers, but Joe was the winner of the 6th series of X factor, then went on to appear on Popstar to Operastar and is now touring the UK. He's a Geordie-lad and he was sososo lovely to talk to. What a first day!

Sorry this is such an excessive amount of writing but I just have so much to say right now aha, thank you to anybody who read everything..



kirstyb said...

love soap and glory x

Essie said...

Happy belated birthday! sorry about your split with your boyfriend :( but congrats on the new job! xx

Leigh Hazel Painter said...

So i was just wondering where are those fabulous elephant necklaces from?!!

and did i just read correctly your doing work experience for the Shropshire star?.

I'm from Shropshire! where about are you from?

leigh xo

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice. xo

Faye H said...

thank you all!
those necklaces are both from topshop.

Leigh, yeah you heard right aha, I live near Shrewsbury, do you know it?

Faye xo

Rachael said...

Happy belated birthday, looks like you got some smashing pressies x

daisy kate said...

Ah I live not too far from shropshire and we get the shropshire star - I look forward to your articles! that's sad news about your boyfriend, but you do have a gorgeous coat to cheer you up! :)

Fashion Stereotype

Leigh Hazel Painter said...

hey Faye,
i live in Telford so like 15 mins away from Shrewsbury hehe :P

leigh xo

Faye H said...

Ahh we're pretty close then Leigh aha!
Look out for an article with John Moorhouse, one with Joe mcceldery and another with Patrick Monahan. They're all in the 'ticket' section of the paper and should be printed in the next few months!

Birgit said...

oh wow youre a journalist? I'll start my study the new school year! amazing! seems amazing!

Curvy Smurfette said...

Love both necklaces... how cute are they.... :) Like the blog... I'm a new follower... :)
xo Sandy

Melita Kiely said...

lovely blog! you have the most amazing hair, i wish mine would curl even just a little bit! new follower :) x